Hey there! My name is Nicole. I am the creator of Mindful Makers Co, a concept I have been shaping and re-shaping for years. In some ways, my vision for Mindful Makers Co has changed. In many ways, it remains the same. I am constantly refining my goals and aspirations.

I first began "collecting" mindful makers years ago, back when my journey into the world of sustainable fashion and lifestyle began. My initial goal was to share my collection of noteworthy artisans, brands, and businesses committed to the development, exposure, and promotion of the slow fashion and conscious lifestyle movements. I hoped to boast a huge collection of original articles, interviews, and videos, as well as linked resources to assist anyone ready to learn more about how to live a more mindful, sustainable lifestyle. I wanted to educate and empower consumers to shop fair-trade certified, non-genetically modified, organic goods made in a sustainable and mindful manner.

My passion for exposing artists, bloggers, brands, businesses, and shops committed to sustainable business practices and environmentally friendly choices has resulted in new opportunities for me as a creative entrepreneur.

I have always paid attention to details. I have always been able to visualize. I have always been capable of original design. With the right team, I am able to apply these priceless gifts to create unique and beautiful content. I want to work with small businesses as well as national brands. I want to showcase the unique spark that every artist, brand, and business has. I want to take the light that is their purpose and the heart of their mission and transpose it from the spiritual space into the tangible world. I want to make it digital and shareable. Whether you are an artist, brand, shop, or maker wanting to work with me, you can reach out to me here

Whether you are a stay at home mother trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle, a fellow activist in the slow fashion movement, a creative entrepreneur building a business on the foundation of sustainability, or a lover of all things beautiful and captivating, I hope you will join the Mindful Makers Co tribe.

Please share your thoughts and experiences with me and help spread the word that there is a new way to shop. We can ask questions first, choose quality over quantity, and require goods made from organic, biodegradable, non-toxic substances. We can opt for products made from recycled materials whenever possible. We can use our social media platforms to give friends and family a heads up when we find excellent products made the right way, in the right conditions, by people paid a fair and proper wage.

Together, we can be the change we need to see in the world.